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Hand Bell Choir

Our Bell Choir provides exquisite and moving arrangements for Christmas and Easter, and occasionally at Sunday's 10:30 worship service. All ages are welcome, and no prior bell experience is needed. Please contact our music director by filling out the form below.

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Vocal Choir

Our choir sings beautiful arrangements under the direction of our music director, Chase Loomer (link to profile) at our 10:30 am service throughout the year (except summer). The choir offers a lovely musical programs at Christmas Eve and Easter vigil services that enhance and deepen our spiritual experience and connection on these holiest of holy holidays. We welcome a range of vocal talents. Please contact Chase Loomer via contact form below if you are interested.



The tradition of music runs deep at Nativity. Our organ is a hybrid instrument, incorporating both pipes sounding from a windchest and digitally synthesized sounds played through various speakers. The pipes and windchest are part of the original Nativity organ, a Wicks pipe organ installed in the old nave in 1960. A new electronic Rogers console was installed in the new nave in 1993. In 1999 through a generous gift from parishioner Jean Quay in honor of her grandchildren, the two organs were combined into a single instrument. Nativity has had the privilege of having gifted and talented organist play this amazing instrument through the years.

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