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We invite you to enter into mutual discernment with us to be our next leader.  We seek a new priest who can provide compassionate and strategic leadership to further strengthen our parish and our faith.  We seek someone who will inspire through collaboration, effective communication, and empowerment. We seek someone who will walk among us with humble confidence to lead us to the church we aspire to become.

Our Vision is to be a faith community where everyone is welcome, and there is inspiration to grow in spirit, learning, worship and service.

Our Mission is to help people develop their relationship with God and with each other in Christ.  We seek to express God’s love through worship, contemplation, and service to others in our parish, our community, and around the world.

The Church of the Nativity is an active and compassionate congregation inspired by our faith to welcome the newcomer and to cherish our pastoral setting for quiet contemplation and peace.

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  • FACILITIES:  Sacred space both within and outside the building support a full range of parish and individual activities as well as those of outside groups such as Boy Scouts, Karate and Tai Chi.

  • MUSIC: Blessed with a strong music program including both a vocal and bell choir and a gifted organist.

  • ATMOSPHERE: The church is a place of caring and openness in a welcoming atmosphere.

  • CHURCH MEMBERS: We are a diverse and committed congregation dedicated to each other and to the community.

  • OUTREACH: We are a church that responds to the call to live our faith in action. We support a number of ministries within the diocese and the community.


  • GROWTH:  While we are a welcoming faith community, we understand the importance of growing for the long term health of the church. We are especially challenged to attract younger families.

  • FINANCE: While blessed with current financial health through prudent management, long term stability requires growth in membership.

  • COMMUNITY IMPACT:  We have a strong commitment to outreach in many forms, but we risk overreaching and burn out if we stretch ourselves too thinly in our desire to make an impact.

  • LAY LEADERSHIP:  A few members serve on a number of ministries or leadership positions.  A broader involvement of the congregation would guard against burn out.

  • TECHNOLOGY: Although we have expanded our use of technology, videography, and social media, a broader and stronger presence is needed to reach our community and to grow our congregation.

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